hotter sadness

by elvis depressedly

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Recorded to tape at home, in Columbia, SC.


released October 9, 2012

all songs written by mathew lee cothran except "mcdade" cowritten with andrew mcdade
amy plays cello on "madison acid"
logan contributed drums on "mcdade"
delaney mills let me borrow her drum kit for "visiting angels"



all rights reserved


elvis depressedly Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: mcdade
these old eyes
can't be alone
without change
that never comes

where do all
your bad dreams go?
dry and cold
beneath the snow
Track Name: hotter sadness
i've been fucking up for weeks
drinking until my angers speaks
whispering it's misery

fear forever try to hide
this panicked bliss that won't subside
until it rips you up inside

judgement's curse will visit soon
to show how time reveals all wounds
and knows what will become of you
Track Name: bodil
hell has grown up
with you to become
a quiet place

eyeliner bleeding down your
smiling face

i've been awake in this world
for too long

feel everything
open your heart to abuse

live long enough
your love will
punish you

i've been awake in this world
for too long
Track Name: madison acid
madison acid
feels undone
her trembling night
is waking up
in the morning sun
let's get high
drown yr love
inside my life

madison acid
at the end of times
sick and lonely
rotting in her mind
you swim across
bad sympathy
to wash up on
dead empathy
Track Name: visiting angels
i have no friends
just mysteries that talk to me
in my sleep
leave me alone

can't get you out
when you're happy i hate you
let me sleep
leave me alone
Track Name: i bought a gun
i bought a gun
the sun is rising in my head
for everyone
a distant future breathes me in

the pills went bad
i coughed them up my hands went numb
on your garage
forget, forgive, fuck everyone
Track Name: hurt everything
sleep becomes
a shelter from
a memory half dead
the house is full of spiders now
there's a rage inside my head
obsession wears your wedding gown
down to a thread
and this heartless wilderness
held you as you bled

a way

terrified and locked inside
regretting every day
says "better just to kill it now
before it gets away"
do with me what you will
yea, anything's okay
this heartless wilderness
feels so far away

a way
Track Name: i can't wait for you to die
you ran away from your uselessness
like you had something to prove
how fucking stupid can you be
to think it wouldn't follow you?

that's the way it's always been

every night you're a wreck
just crying like a child
all your lies are terrified
and your hungers running wild

and this is what you deserve

you're pitiful and you're permanent
and you haunt my broken life
i'm so far from my home by now
there's no way i will survive

and i can't wait for you to die