mickey's dead

by elvis depressedly

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this album is dedicated to jessica oliver, page chilton, my mother, my father, and the ill will of the world.


released July 1, 2012

artwork by patrick
cello on my lai by amy

logan, david, gardner, cryer, aaron, and lee all contributed to this album



all rights reserved


elvis depressedly Asheville, North Carolina

booking contact: US: ghorbal@apa-agency.com


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Track Name: daughter of a cop
what's the cure for eternity?
i thought a while
but nothing came to me

i just want to make it stop
satan's blood in the daughter
of a cop

this corpse is scared to be alive
it's eaten it self
just to survive

all that blood is gonna weigh you down
an ocean that won't
let you drown
Track Name: prison line (so lovely)
you can maim my will to live
and abandon me to time
you can say that i've committed
all yr imaginary crimes
but i ain't gonna ride
yr prison line

you can break every single bone
in my body til i'm dead
you can turn my words against me
til i choke on all i've said
but i ain't gonna lie
in this sick bed

you can tear my thoughts to pieces
through your rotting, lying teeth
so i'm discussed as a fuck up
by your phony industries
but i ain't gonna let you
paint pictures of me

you can hate me for whatever
illusions are in your mind
you get all yr dreams for free
and i have to work for mine
so i ain't gonna ride yr
prison line
Track Name: my lai (amy's version)
i ain't never gonna learn to swim
so when the water rises to my mouth
i'm just gonna breath right through my smile
and be happy to drown

this planet is a torturer
nature gets off on pain
from my lai to yr wife's black eye

from genocide to tooth decay

i ain't never gonna learn to run
so when the walls come tumbling down
i'm just gonna stay where i always been
i wanna die hanging around

this planet is a torturer
nature gets off on pain
from my lai to yr wife's black eye

from genocide to tooth decay
Track Name: waves of bad intention
laughing into darkness
love burning like a witch
swallowing these feelings
until they make you sick

there's no way to die

dissolving empty pity
cast out beyond all fear
dragged through every city
beg the pain to disappear

there's no way to die

starving for attention
kill your ego and eat that
as the waves of bad intention
wash up in complete collapse

there's no way to die
Track Name: exhaustion prevails
dead child
bride to the life you have made
all while
rushing the heart to it's grave

exhaustion prevails in the end anyway

last time to quiet my trembling brain
die or survive
in this life it's the same

exhaustion prevails in the end anyway
Track Name: a bible in a bath of bleach
tangled in yr prettiness
choking on a dream
pale flowers on yr dress
bloom and die with me

too fucked up to resist
let go of my hand
there's a world of bitter ugliness
i hope you never understand


all the feeling in yr mind
keeps yr true love down
numbness sleeping in the light
no reason to hang around

a bible in a bath of bleach
violent purity
let it hurt you in every way
til you kill the need to believe

Track Name: mickey's dead
i ain't seen my mother since i can't remember when
i don't know when i'll see her again

i ain't loved my father since i can't remember when
i don't know if i'll ever love him
Track Name: warm wolves (milking mary)
warm wolves milking mary
in the skull of a girl made of flowers
my angels gone crazy
as her heart is being devoured

i treated you badly and
don't want to be forgiven
forgot the taste of candy
right after i lost all vision

the leaves are growing older
in the dark i lie here beneath them
the sun smiles as it gets colder
more than once or twice
i have asked him

"why can't i stop thinking
and live pretty just like a flower?"
i question while i'm still drinking
and not kissing your eyes at this hour
Track Name: u angel u
i don't see
nothin wrong
in yr eyes
you angel you

ha ha ha ha

the dog barks
to say "hi"
say hi, stay high
hot water
coming down

ha ha ha ha
Track Name: road side memorial (repeat)
drying blood between my teeth
soul on fire fever speaks
hotter water endless thoughts
getting sick and weak and getting off
all these so called friends
who sell me out
to meet their ends
yr pathetic, judge yrself
i don't want or need yr fucking help

dying as the summer leaks
drown myself in the kitchen sink
i can't sleep cause the shakes won't quit
a self portrait painted in vomit
burn my wrists with cigarettes
wash the blood out of my dress
feeling cheap feeling dull
burn a road side memorial